What is weeaide?

Weeaide is a small little aide, and we all did it.

Weeaide is a charitable organization started by Holden resident Gwen Callahan and her family. This year, 2010, markes our 10th year of making and delivering weeaide gifts as well as a dream that weeaide become an all year mission.

In 2007 were able to make and deliver 509 shoe boxes that had been spray painted and filled with things that many of us take for granted. After years of learning what works well and what is more difficult, we have decided to use bags. That means no more spraypainting or wrapping or collecting of shoeboxes! Rather, you will pick up a weeaide bag ( decorated or plain) and tissue paper and a list of the 9 items that we ask you to donate. The goal of weeaide is to get as many weeaide bags to as many folks who are in need as possible.

Gwen runs and organizes this non-profit out of her house. Weeaide, with the help and generosity of many volunteers and companies and organizations and children decorating the bags, continues each year. These bags will go to street people, homeless shelters, half-way houses, veterans, families in need, programs for teens and places that our volunteers are aware of the need.

You can participate in weeaide by getting your family, civic organization, faith community or co-workers to put together some weeaide bags. Just pick up some bags from Gwen or call her for other sites you could pick up a bag, tissue, list of items for the bag and a weeaide cards to go into the bag when it is ready for delivery.

2012 Update